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The ICARUS Omega is a 7-cell, lightly elliptical, zero porosity, RW canopy. It has been designed as a hassle-free all rounder; suitable for RW, demo jumping, fun accuracy and fun CRW. It is super easy to use, with delicious '7-cell' openings, easy packing and gentle landings.

We recommend it for wing loadings from .75 psf to 1.5 psf
As with all our canopies, it is available in any size you choose.

ZP 7-cells may be outperformed on landing by 9-cell canopies, but they have gained in popularity due to their low baggage factor, and ease of use; a definite plus for many people.

The ICARUS Omega is a truly elliptical canopy, but the shaping in it is very light. The planform has been optimized between enhancing the canopy performance and feel, yet maintaining easy flight characteristics and consistent controlled openings. The Omega's cells vary in width across the canopy, to maintain a constant cell aspect ratio and to consistently control the airfoil shape across the canopy.

At lighter wing loadings (below .9 psf) it is a good student transition or first canopy, or for those who want to take it easy. At heavier wing loadings (up to 1.5 psf) it will be zippy and fun, with cruisey openings and reasonable landings. As it's a 7-cell of conventional construction, the pack volume is very small.


The Icarus Student is a mistake-friendly, fun and forgiving wing, which allows for more consistent flying in all situations. And she’s built tough to withstand rough handling!
Safety is more than just reducing injuries – it’s also about prevention. We work under the methodology that easy = safe and safe = easy. ZP construction, Vectran 750 lines, contrasting brake lines and alternating color packing tabs optimize the new Icarus Student for durability and ease of use. Your students will be safer, for longer.
We gave her a 9-cell planform and modern shaping to make her responsive and increase predictability and – voila! – a student canopy that students will actually enjoy flying. This results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression.
Her flare is powerful and super forgiving to let new skydivers spend more time concentrating on progressing and less time with their faces embedded in the dirt.


ZP Construction:
Our Icarus Student canopy is made entirely of ZP. This means she flies better than her F111 counterparts. ZP is also a lot tougher and will last longer. She’s built to deal with all the rough handling, rough packing, and dragging across the ground your students can give her!

ZP makes it a tiny bit harder for students to push the air out, but we know they can handle it. Not one ounce of longevity was sacrificed, so your Cost Per Jump on the canopy stays low. Have your students flying safer, for longer.

Standout Colour Scheme:
We didn’t design the Icarus Student colour scheme just for our newfound love of the colour pink (though that might have come into it somewhere). There are tangible benefits for your students hidden away in those conspicuous colours. And don’t worry; you can replace the pink with any colour of your choosing!
When your students are flying around at 4000ft the split colour lower surface makes it easy for whoever is counting canopies to see which ones they are. And it’s dead simple for instructors to check what way they’re flying to give them radio commands.
Plus when your students are packing the 50/50 colour scheme makes it glaringly obvious where the centre of the canopy is and where to start flaking – from the centre black cell to the outer black cell.

Alternating Line tabs:
We’ve added alternating grey and white line tabs on the lower surface so your students can easily separate out the different line groups.

Contrasting Brake Lines:
And just to make packing that little bit simpler for new skydivers, we’ve made the brake lines on the Icarus Student black, to stand out against the other white lines. When your students are doing their line continuity checks this helps show them where the brake lines might be tangled or wrapped around other lines.
The brake line below the brake setting is still white, so when they start running their hands up they can see immediately if the brakes aren’t set.
These features combine to give new skydivers confidence to enjoy their first flights at your drop zone!


Our most versatile ZP 9-Cell wing offering superior opening characteristics, exceptional glide, outstanding slow flight stability, and a powerful flare. Whether you are fresh off student status or a veteran skydiver, the Safire2 has something to offer any skill level. This wing will satisfy the skydiver looking for a lightly elliptical modern flavor.

Recommended Wing Loading: 0.75 - 1.9 psf

In 1998 we released the ICARUS Safire. A revolutionary canopy, being the first all purpose 9 cell canopy to include a lightly and truly elliptical planform shape offering superior openings and flight characteristics compared to competing mid-performance 9 cell designs at the time.

We knew that the superior characteristics of this design (such as a lightly elliptical planform shape, and constant cell proportioning) would not be ignored by other canopy manufacturers. This style of design would become the benchmark for mid-range performance canopies and other manufacturers would build similar designs.

The Safire2 goes one step ahead of the competition again. Like the original Safire it is a truly elliptical canopy with a light shaping incorporating a constant cell aspect ratio which consistently controls the airfoil shape across the canopy, maintaining increased rigidity and reducing drag.

The Safire2 is an enhanced design integrating new trim and plan form shaping techniques offering an increased glide ratio, more responsive flight controls both on toggles and risers, a more powerful flare and a shorter recovery arc making the canopy even more predictable. Its openings are arguably the sweetest of any canopy in its class. So much so that you'd swear it was a 7 cell opening above your head.

The Safire2 has been designed as an all-round, no hassle mid-range canopy offering the benefits of a 9 cell performance but without getting radical or requiring any special attention. It's easy and forgiving to use and delivers consistent on-heading soft openings, easy packing and great landings.

The RESULT is an impressively balanced all-round wing offering superior opening qualities, exceptional glide and range, outstanding slow flight stability and superior safety. It makes a great first canopy when loaded lightly, or a modern mid-range performing wing when loaded with heavier wing-loadings.

For those who want the latest that technology has to offer, but can't be bothered dealing with the issues normally associated with elliptical canopies, or don't wish to jump outdated designs with limited performance, then the ICARUS Safire2 is the perfect choice.

As with all our canopies the Safire2 is available in any size you choose.
Custom sizes available at no extra cost


The Safire 3 is the result of five years of research, development and refinement. She is the most modern mainstream all-rounder canopy to hit the market.

She’s not just different. She’s a beginner and intermediate wing that let’s you take advantage of parametric design software and Computational Fluid Dynamics technologies used formerly only in high performance wings. She’s been engineered to fly better. More efficiently. More responsively. Safire pilots will find her completely familiar, but entirely revolutionary.

She has all the things you love about the Safire 2 – great openings, safe predictable flight, a short recovery arc and a smooth flare – and everything else you asked us for.

You wanted the same consistent openings. We made them smoother and more progressive. You wanted to have more range. We made the Safire 3 more efficient and gave you the glide to get back from that long spot. You wanted more fun. We made all her inputs more responsive. You wanted even more flare. We found a balance of more power, without inducing an early stall.

The Safire 3 is perfect for your first canopy or a fun intermediate canopy at slightly higher wingloadings. We recommend loading her between 0.8 and 1.5. She’s available in any size you want, so you can load her exactly what you want. If you’re not sure, ask us.

Loaded lightly she is the vehicle to carry any beginner or even the most nervous canopy pilot to the ground safely, and for the intermediate jumper she will make your flying experience come alive with quick turns and a powerful flare.

If you’re looking for superior opening qualities, outstanding slow flight stability and confidence-inspiring flight, the Safire 3 is your perfect choice. It’s time to take to the sky the way you were meant to – on a 9-cell sports machine that keeps it as real as you do.

Flight Characteristics:
What can you expect when you fly the Safire 3? The unique blend of awesome openings, hassle-free flight and unrestricted everyday practicality that the Safire is known for, mixed with the cutting edge design and performance that is typical of NZ Aerosports newer performance wings. And the inevitable desire to do it all again after every landing.

The Safire 2 is known for her sweet, soft openings. Our goal was to improve the consistency of the heading. In comparison to the Safire 2, the Safire 3 has a shorter opening process, but one that is more progressive. The result is confidence inspiring smooth openings, with even more predictability than before.

The Safire 3 is more responsive to toggle input, and gives you more control. She gives more feedback throughout turns and you’ll notice a better ‘feel’ and connection to the canopy.

Harness inputs cause the least distortion to the canopy and in comparison to other inputs, are much smoother - achieving more efficient harness flight for the Safire 3 has been a focus on this project. She responds better to harness inputs than her predecessor, making her a joy to fly around simply by weight shifting.

Front Riser Flight:
Front riser pressure on the Safire 3 is comparable to the Safire 2, if not a little lighter.

Rear Riser Flight:
Thanks to the Safire 3’s improved planform shaping she has a great glide on rears, so you don’t have to stress too much about your long spot! The rears are easy to manage and only a small input is needed to see results. If you still don’t make it back, talk to the fucking pilot.

The Safire 3 isn’t more 'high performance' than the Safire 2 in terms of the class of wing she belongs to, but she performs to a higher standard due to being a more efficient design. You’ll see the extra performance in her improved openings, responsiveness and flare.

Recovery and Flare:
Her quick recovery arc has got your back and her powerful flare will give you the confidence to be able to stick those tricky landings.

The Safire 3 takes everything that made the Safire 2 great, and advances it to a new level. She’s the first beginner and intermediate canopy to be created through true 3D design in the same way Petra and Leia were.

From her planform shape, to her inlets and even her lineset, we pushed every aspect of what’s possible with the Safire 3 to new heights. No detail was too small. Every element, from the nose design to the crossports to the brake configuration has been designed to enhance each other for maximum efficiency and responsiveness - a perfect example of the magic that happens when you combine five years of research and development with state of the art techniques and design tools.

3D Planform Design
The starting point for the Safire 3 project was reshaping the Safire 2 in the same parametric software and using the same Computational Fluid Dynamics design technique used to design our elite high performance wings. The new shape keeps the constant cell aspect ratio we introduced in the Safire 2, follows a true ellipse when inflated, and is even more streamlined.

3D Lineset Design
Making changes to the lines may seem minor, but designing the line trims in 3D gives us greater control over how the canopy shape is affected when inflated, and can significantly improve glide and flare.

Given the nature of this canopy and its intended user we paid very close attention to the brakes. The Safire 2 already had a great flare, but the power was really found in the lower end of the flare range. By changing the brake configuration so we could increase power higher up the flare it made the whole landing process feel much smoother and more progressive, but without inducing an early stall or making the canopy over sensitive to toggle input. We feel we have achieved a really nice balance.

The Powerband
The Safire 3 features the split upper nose paneling on the leading edge that we pioneered with Petra and Leia, adding beauty and function to her design. It flattens the 3D panels more accurately and reduces fabric stretch to maintain her true shape in flight, making the wing more responsive and predictable.

And since we know how much you guys love your colour co-ordination, you can choose any colour from our ZP selection for your Safire 3 Powerband.

Proportionally Tuned Air Inlets
Proportionally tuned air inlets that open wider in the center of the canopy and less toward the tips allow the canopy to pressurize evenly from center to outside in a more controlled way and help keep the canopy on heading during the deployment process.

From the plain-to-see to the supposedly inconsequential, every detail of the Safire 3 makes for an effortless and enjoyable flight.


When we released the ICARUS Crossfire, we revolutionized what was possible with a 9 cell non-cross braced canopy. Its swoop capability almost rivaled cross-braced canopies while maintaining a long recovery arc and unparalleled openings.

As with all our canopies the Crossfire 2 is available in any size you choose.
We recommend wing loadings from 1.4 psf to 2.1 psf.

The Crossfire 2 shares the same impressive capabilities as its predecessor, plus some of the most responsive toggle and riser control inputs of any canopy in the market. It has a light front riser pressure and an even longer recovery arc. A highly elliptical planform, constant cell aspect ratio, closed nose, and fully shaped surfaces make this inflatable wing capable of unrivaled performance. It will out-perform any non cross-braced 9 cell available.

The ICARUS Crossfire 2 is a high performance elliptical ZP 9-cell canopy designed specifically for experienced ram air pilots. Its highly innovative planform design is truly elliptical in both leading and trailing edges. All nine cells vary in width across the canopy maintaining a constant cell aspect ratio to control distortion.

Unlike any other 9-cell, the Crossfire 2 nose is partially formed to give the canopy a more efficient leading edge. Its advanced nose design not only improves the aerodynamics, it also assists in controlling the openings. The diagonal structure of the nose also provides support to the non-loaded ribs during flight creating further rigidity at the leading edge and reducing distortion during the flare.

A major problem with previous high performance elliptical canopies had been 'diving off heading' openings. Our development work with the Crossfire 2 has reduced this dramatically. The Crossfire 2 openings are among the most consistent and comfortable 'stress free' openings available. The turns are snappy and the canopy has a large recovery arc; allowing it to dive for a long time and easily pick up speed when required. The flare is as powerful as you will find.

The RESULT is an AERODYNAMIC WING with LESS DRAG, INCREASED RIGIDITY and MORE LIFT offering a greater performance than other 9 cells at both low and high speeds.

The ICARUS Crossfire 2, an impressively balanced, no hassle high performance wing, truly elliptical, ZP 9-Cell, no cross-bracing or valve systems, fully formed nose, superb openings, impressive landings...!


Many professionals have trusted the ICARUS Tandem as their best professional tool due in part to:

Smooth openings
Low pressure toggle input
Industrial grade
Proven durability

The Icarus Elliptical Tandem canopy is a totally Zero-P, Truly Elliptical canopy (leading edge and trailing edge) The only straight cell is the centre cell. It remains very cost effective by lasting 2000 plus jumps. This ICARUS Tandem canopy offers very comfortable openings, easy landings and light toggle pressure.

The ICARUS Tandem is definitely the CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS.

It is available in 3 standard control line configurations providing performance and ease of use and comes with either,Vectran (standard), Spectra or Dacron fully cascaded lines.
Standard sizes are 330, 365 and 400sq/ft. The 365 with Vectran lines and 6 & 2 control line set up has become the standard and is often available off the shelf.

The Icarus Tandem Canopy

11 years ago we were originally building a rectangular ZP tandem. The original Icarus Tandem sold well and was developed and on the market before any other manufacturer had released a ZP tandem. Eventually Elliptical and Tapered 1/2 ZP tandem canopies came on the scene providing similar performance. In early 1997 Icarus expanded in the US and Europe and additionally, we had secured an arrangement with Stunts Adventure Equipment to provide tandem canopies to go in their Eclipse Tandem rig. It now became viable to focus our energy into designing a new tandem main canopy.
A lot had been learnt from our first canopy, what worked well and what its weaknesses were. We stuck with our proven construction, evaluated some new materials that were available and began shaping, testing, tweaking and re-testing the Icarus Elliptical Tandem.

We have now built in excess of a thousand Icarus Elliptical Tandem canopies. In 1998 it was approved for use by 3 of the 5 FAA tandem exemption holders for use in their equipment in the US (no longer a requirement and not a requirement in most other countries). It was the only canopy to be approved in the US not manufactured and sold in conjunction with the exemption holders' equipment.

Design Concept.
The parameters we used to define our ideal tandem canopy where.

Canopy to last 2000 jumps plus. (Low real cost)
Comfortable openings.
Easy landings.
Light toggle pressure.

The Canopy
The Icarus Elliptical Tandem canopy is a totally Zero-P, Truly Elliptical canopy (leading edge and trailing edge) The only straight cell is the centre cell. The cells vary in width to control cell deformation over the span of the canopy. There are no brake settings and the canopy opens on full drive. It is available in 3 standard control line configurations providing performance and ease of use trade-offs (explained later) and comes with either, Spectra, Vectran or Dacron fully cascaded lines. As with all our canopies it is computer cut and available in any size you wish to order. Standard sizes are 330, 365 and 400sq/ft. The 365 with Vectran line and 6 & 2 control line set up has become the standard and is often available off the shelf.

Control system options
As there are no brake settings this allowed us total flexibility when designing the control system as the unstowed brakes affect the opening very little. There are 3 different options for the brake line setup.
1) The first option we call "6 & 2". This setup provides the lightest possible steering with the most powerful flare and can easily be used in this configuration or with all control lines rigged to the primary toggles should you prefer this option and not wish to use separate flare lines.
There are only 2 upper steering lines on each side, going to the outside corners of the canopy. This provides the very light steering and fast turn rate. The toggle pressure is even lighter than a single person parachute making the canopy effortless to fly. On the other hand there are 6 upper flare lines on each side covering most of the back of the canopy, every 1/2 cell has a control line of some sort attached to it except the centre cell providing the most powerful flare available. When the flare lines get picked up the toggle pressure comes back closer to normal tandem toggle pressure.
The down side of this option is that if the flare lines are not picked up there will be virtually no flare available. This option is more for individuals who jump their own equipment.

2) The second option we call "2 & 6". This option has 6 upper steering lines and 2 upper flare lines. The steering toggle pressure is heavier than the "6 & 2" but is still very light. The canopy's flare and combined toggle pressure are exactly the same as 6 & 2 but you will still get a reasonable flare if the flare lines are not picked up. This option was developed more for larger DZ operations.
Both the 6 & 2 and 2 & 6 options can be simply rigged to the primary toggles if you wish.

3)The third option is the "Single brake line".
For many people who are used to canopies without flare lines, flare lines may seem like a hassle or a step backwards. This setup has a heavier steering pressure than the first two options but is much lighter to flare and simpler to operate. The flare is almost as powerful as the flare lined version. The toggle pressure remains lighter than other modern tandem canopies.

All of these options have light toggle pressure compared to other tandem canopies, we are providing these options both 1) Because we can, and 2) To fit in with other equipment you or your DZ may be using in the interim (before you have replaced all your existing canopies with Icarus Tandems).

The control line configuration can be changed at any time if you feel you would like a different setup for a minimal cost. All versions are built with reinforcing and attachments for every option.

As with your personal canopy, going to total ZP and a fully elliptical planform improves the landings enormously. Landings on the 365 size and above are more gentle than any tandem canopies we've tried. The 6 & 2 option is maneuverable enough to build up a lot of speed for a good surf if you're into that. Nil winds with heavy loads will still have some minimal forward speed as you will get with any canopy, the light toggle pressure makes flaring and controlling the flare very easy.

The openings are soft, consistent and comfortable, they take 500-700 feet. There is a variable lip over the nose as with many Zero-P canopies, there is no flag or hole in the slider, the slider is flat.
The openings on this canopy were exceptional right from the beginning of the development program. We have absolutely no brake settings on the canopy, which has worked out very well with absolutely no down side. The canopy opens centre cell first with the ends collapsed, the remaining cells slowly inflate to a full canopy. Off heading openings do exist but will not dive away so do not become an issue. The openings are very consistent.
During testing we opened the canopy at Tandem Terminal (Drogueless) on many occasions and had nothing but smooth soft openings.

Packing is more difficult than packing an F-111 canopy. As with your own ZP canopy once you have got used to it and the shine has gone from the fabric (about 20-30 jumps) you will not have a problem with packing and it will become easy. (until then you will hate us). We are mostly pro packing or psycho packing, packing it on the side with a roll pack can help get the air out easily and to control the canopy as it goes in the bag. If ordered with packing tabs, the packing tabs are set so they will draw all the lines tight but are still reachable. Rolling or spreading the nose can vary opening speeds and of course... there are no brakes to set.

The construction is very heavy. We have spared no effort or expense and sacrificed some pack volume in order to create a robust 'industrial grade' canopy.
We have 3/4" T-III (400lb) tape reinforcing the entire canopy with tapes running both chordwise and spanwise through the canopies lower surface as well as up the load bearing ribs and through the nose and tail to create a totally interconnected frame or skeleton of tape within the canopy. The canopy fabric is Soarcoat as used in most US built canopies.
There is an option of US made 1500lb Spectra, 1000lb Vectran line, or a combination of 900lband 525lb Dacron. Spectra has been used on parachutes for a long time, it is very light and strong for its size but will shrink and elongate out of shape over time at inconsistent rates putting the canopy out of trim. Vectran is slightly more bulky than Spectra but will hold its trim much better. Dacron will stretch over time but does appear to have better trim qualities than Spectra. The majority of our tandem canopies are going out with Vectran lines as this line tends to have the most advantages depending on your environment.
The canopy comes with bridle reinforcing to suit any system. Risers and toggles are not included as they come with your rig. Risers with a flare toggle setup are required. If ordering in that configuration.

At Icarus we computer cut all our canopies with our CAD/CAM system. We use no patterns or templates and program each order individually into our computer system to customize colors, size and options.

For Tandem operators short canopy life limitations mean a high cost per jump and down time can cost money and is a definite hassle.
Our whole philosophy has been to produce an industrial grade parachute. Other tandem canopy manufacturers recommend or even limit the life of the canopy to be around 600 jumps. We have been targeting a 2000 jump canopy life. To date we have had many Icarus Tandems surpass 2000 jumps that still have life left in them and still perform as new.
This extended canopy life is primarily due to the elimination of F-111 fabric from the canopy and secondly to the bulletproof construction at the sacrifice of a smaller pack volume. The canopy has a complete skeleton of tapes that totally minimizes loading to the fabric. The fabric we are using maintains its porosity very well. We can not guarantee a 2000 jump life from your canopy but performance is maintained and canopy life is now purely determined by fabric degradation caused by UV light and handling wear and tear.
During the heavy drop testing we gradually increased the weight and speed and eventually dropped the canopy at 250MPH with 900lbs under it (400 KPH with 400 KG) the equivalent of 4 people doing double terminal. Measuring equipment on the dummy showed the total load on the canopy during the opening had been almost 10,000 lbs. (4.5 tons). The canopy opened perfectly with no damage.

Line sets need to be replaced periodically like a set of tires on your car, This is relatively low cost and can be done at the factory or can be provided in kit form for a rigger to install.
There are cheaper tandem canopies available. However on a cost per jump basis the Icarus Elliptical Tandem is a far cheaper canopy to operate than any other.

The cost effectiveness of the Icarus Elliptical Tandem is currently unbeatable

The canopy will still be performing as it does from new throughout its life, rather than slowly loosing its performance over the next 500 jumps. For larger DZs your tandem masters won't be avoiding the older rigs any more. (But the packers might be avoiding the new ones at first) You or your tandem masters will find it easy to fly and land, the toggle pressure is refreshingly light and the openings are great.
We suggest the 365sf canopy (although any size is orderable) with the Vectran line.

Incomparable Life-Span - Unrivaled Performance - Unsurpassed Strength - Unequaled Ease - Unparalleled Value.
Easy decision!

Find out for yourself just how superior this product is - you will not be disappointed.


The JFX is a 21-cell Elliptical ZP Crossbraced canopy. Unlike the JVX, which has been shaped for wicked swooping power and CP competition, the JFX design is simply the highest end everyday canopy we could come up with.

Although being fully Crossbraced with the powerful landings, long recovery arcs and efficient flight you'd expect, we've tamed the JFX for piss easy, everyday, low hassle jumping. Now you can have Crossbraced performance with almost Crossfire type ease.

Whether you are hard-ass team training, work jumping, doing camera, wingsuit jumping... or just a Jump Hog wanting a bit more welly in your day... this is your sports car!

It's not a canopy for light wing loadings, transitioning to a JVX, or to learn on. The JFX is for the already experienced small HP Elliptical 9-cell jumper who couldn't be bothered with a Crossbrace canopy before now.

You'll want to load it up slightly compared to an elliptical 9-cell, and it will come alive with more zip. And that gorgeously efficient Crossbrace flare can become either a blazing swoop or use the power for the easiest, gentlest touchdown.

Yup, it's more bulky and more expensive than a 9-cell, but it�s worth it!

NOTE: Recommended wing loading 1.8 to 2.8 (Yes, you can load it up like a JVX too!)


The JVX is a 27-cell elliptical cross braced Tri-cell with upgrades like a new nose modification, improved trim, longer lines, no stabilizers and HMA lines as standard. The JVX is slim, sleek and fast with less drag. First off, the JVX has no stabilizers. Stabilizers on small HP canopies don't do much except flap in the wind causing added parasitic drag. The Daedalus Project first dealt with the issue of reducing drag on the wing tips by developing ram-air stabilizers. We quickly found that no stabilizers is even better! Stabilizers primary function is to hold the slider in the correct position during deployment. We addressed this issue by putting slider stops on the canopy itself allowing us to get rid of the stabilizers all together! The JVX is still available with a low profile "mini" stabilizer as an option.

The JVX opens much better than the Icarus VX and most other canopies in it's class! High performance canopies will always have high performance openings but here at Daedalus canopies we have addressed this issue for our new "Ultra" class wings. Unlike the original JVX that used a specially designed slider our latest version uses a standard slider size of 29 X 24 inches with a new upper brake line configuration!

The JVX also incorporates a new trim which is a serious upgrade from the VX. The JVX is the first competition swoop canopy designed for rear riser flight! The new trim increases the rear riser pressure and creates no slack in the D lines like the Icarus VX. This not only reduces tail flutter and a variety of other issues but provides a better platform for rear riser flying! In addition, the overall line length on the JVX is longer, creating more time for the pilot to catch up with the canopy during a turn, the result is a longer dive! Daedalus canopies is also use a state of the art parachute material which lasts longer, has less porosity and holds a better shape making the wing more efficent!

The JVX has set in motion a new trend among swoopers and it's all about safety. The JVX comes in custom colors. The JVX comes with one Technora lineset (400lbs-600lbs), new improved side logos and a warning label that doesn't flake off like most other parachutes. The JVX from Daedalus canopies is a special order item with custom options not found anywhere else in the industry. JVX pilots also get the choice on whether they want an attachment point on the top skin or not. With a removable system for your bag, pilot chute and slider many competition pilots don't see the need for an attachment point and prefer to have a smooth, obstacle free top skin surface.

The Daedalus JVX won the 1st US Nationals of canopy piloting in 2004 and has been surprising swoopers around the world ever since. Swoopers are evolving at a high rate and learning for themselves the benefits of the newest design parameters and materials from Daedalus canopies. If you have the necessary skill and get the opportunity to try one for yourself we challenge you to "experience the difference" and join the swoop revolution...


Shipping is not included